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Michael Kagan

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Michael Kagan
Artist Michael Kagan uses thick, deliberate brush strokes that convey a decisive hand and the power of his subject matter. You might know his artwork best from the cover of the new White Lies’ album, “Big TV”, which won the top prize of Best Art Vinyl of 2013. Kagan has also collaborated with Pharrell Williams and Mr. Williams’ company, Billionaire Boys Club. He holds an MFA from New York Academy of Art (2005), where he was also awarded a postgraduate fellowship (2005-6). In 2009 Kagan was included in a four person show with Donald Baechler, Will Cotton, and Andrew Radcliffe at Eden Rock Gallery in St Barthélemy, FWI. Kagan has also exhibited at Allegra LaViola Gallery in New York, Charles de Jonghe in Brussels and his solo exhibition, Thunder In The Distance, is currently on view at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, NY.

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