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Born in the middle of the 70s, Fenx has always faced art and street art : his grandfather, an amateur painter, was already drawing on walls with a piece of chalk or coal during his early walks. Son of the 80s, his childhood has been full of what the 80s could provide : birth of video games, European, Us and Japanese comics and animations, toys and recklessness. A first mix of his first part of inspiration.

At the age of 14 he discovered graffiti with 2 UK punks in Spain. He did not know what it was but he has fun writing his name with a marker. But he had to wait for a year before really falling into it when a skateboard friend of his asked him to go and paint a railroad tracks. He spent his teenage year doing it beside skateboard, snowboard and still his attraction for comics and animation. All of the makes his second part of inspiration.

Late 90s he became friend with the artist Dizer and that friendship changed the way he painted and attracted him more into arts. Dizer inspired him with his tag calligraphy and his passion for NY's throwies. He painted his first canvas in 2000 giving him a big interest to modern and contemporary painters. Graffiti and painters such as Torres Garcia, Lichtenstein, Soulages, Miro, Mondrian, Motherwell, Napangardy and others makes his third mix of inspiration.

Mixing all of above and a little part of his life makes Fenx's art a part of what is this new millennium painting. Something that has grown up and got maturity but with still a foot into childhood.Fenx lives in Paris, where he paint and collect Robots and other toys. He still has a passion for comics.

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