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Kunstrasen is a German stencil artist who derives his name from the German term for astroturf. In addition to a sly bit of wordplay, kunst=art, and rasen=speeding in German, his chosen moniker is relevant to lots of questions in the art world today, relating to issues of authenticity, mimicry, and mass production. Kunstrasen’s artwork makes comments which question everyone’s relationship to art, especially within urban and street art genres, and is also referring to society in general and our role in it.

Born in 1969 and growing up in the countryside in the south-west of Germany the desire for something else grew faster than Kunstrasen did. After finishing school Kunstrasen moved to Canada and university in the UK followed. Studies and work in design soon led to a long time hobby of stencil art. Kunstrasen is now back in the area where he grew up mastering his profession in stencil art & graffiti which is what he has been looking for in the first place.

Artworks by Kunstrasen