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Bisco Smith

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Bisco Smith
Bisco Smith (aka Bisc1) is an artist / designer based in Venice Ca. Originally from the east coast Bisco’s love for art and music would land him in Brooklyn during the late 90’s. There Bisco studied communication design at Pratt Institute, painted walls, and pushed his music and art throughout the city. Over the years Bisco has developed himself into a unique artists who is able to successfully work within a variety of mediums both on a personal, social, and client level. His art continues to be showcased in galleries and published in art house books and magazines. He actively releases music and organizes events fusing both music and art. He has worked with an eclectic collection of clients ranging from record labels, lifestyle brands, artists and independent creatives alike. Throughout the years Bisco has continued to work with young people within the communities he lives as a mentor using both art and music as a vehicle. In the past few years Bisco has found focus in the visual arts and pushed this to the forefront of his endeavors. From a past of group shows too last years very successful solo exhibits in both Brooklyn and Miami, this year is shaping up to be larger then ever. With New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Jerusalem all on the horizon. In the end, with any project Bisco’s aim is to elevate thought and make work that adds to the common good.

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