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Erik Siador

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Erik Siador
Erik Siador leads a very busy double life. By day, he is a Senior Designer for Optimist Inc. creating for some of the worlds biggest companies. By night, Siador works relentlessly into the late nights and early mornings diving deep into his Gallery work. The inspirations behind his art stems from viewing the world through a parallel lens. The struggles and experiences of being on both sides of the economical spectrum during his lengthy career have given him the insight on the underlying working$ on how this realm unconsciously strips us of our purity as human beings and has become a constant struggle to figure out who we really are and what our true purpose is. With the help of his spirits and ancestors that constantly surround him, Erik is subconsciously guided through their communications to create pieces that portray the invisible messages that most of us constantly overlook on a day to day basis. "There are those who create what we see, let us create what we don't."

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