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J Patrick Boyle

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J Patrick Boyle
My work is a hybrid of appropriated imagery, collected memorabilia, fragments of song lyrics and other cultural ephemera.

I am fascinated with and motivated by the cultural debris that society's ever changing fashions leave behind. Whether working in paint, print, installation, fabrication or more traditional cut & paste techniques I view all my work as collage. Not only of the aesthetics of these found materials but also one that draws heavily on the ideas and associations each item unconsciously carries. In this, my work act as a form of selective commentary, picking from the pool of discarded cultural memories like a DJ picks from the crates.

In fact my journey into art started as a DJ, where my fascination with the graphics accompanying the club scene led to me producing my own. Quickly the gig posters I was designing and flyposting became the art that I was pasting up round the streets, several years followed working in Berlin and Bristol as the street artist Motorboy.

My more recent work as J Patrick Boyle maintains the raw energy of urban art but has developed to be much more personal and intimate. One recent series sees an increasing re-focus on my rave years, viewing rave as a rich, yet uncredited vein of British folk history. In this I take not only the words & images associated with the time as my raw materials, but also the very concepts that the scene pioneered. The mixed media series 'You Might Stop The Party But You Can't Stop The Future' is a series of earlier pieces that I have 'remixed', adding and subtracting to change the works tempo and focus, just as a dance tune would be remixed to give it a different emphasis.

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