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Dean Zeus Colman

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Dean Zeus Colman
During the 1980′s, a young Zeus still in his teens, met Tim Westwood, one of the most influential figures of the 1980′s London hip-hop scene. This encounter with Westwood and other artists from the hip-hop and house music industry such as Paul Oakenfold and Dougie E. Fresh provided Zeus with an opportunity to explore the potential of graffiti as a valid form of art.Graffiti art is gradually gaining recognition as an affirmative art of our time. However, what differentiates Zeus´ art from other graffiti art is its sheer three-dimensional existence. The unique fusion of graffiti with typography and sculpture animates cliché images of graffiti often associated with mere vandalism and juvenile self-expression. His Fish Tank (2002) sculpture is an amicable embrace of the real city environment. Similarly, his profile landscape series, such as Graffiti Lanscape #1 (2005) and 3D Zeus 01 (2007) strongly reminiscent of architectural scale models offers the beholder an intriguing visual experience in which graffiti emerges from a two dimensional wall transforming to the elegant mixture of fine art forms, street images, architectural drawings and perspectives. Zeus works were exhibited at StreetStyle show in the Victoria & Albert museum in 1996. He was invited to teach Prince Charles how to spray paint as part of a Prince’s Trust initiative. Also Garrads, the Crown Jewellers, commissioned him to redesign the windows and display cabinets. Since 2006, Zeus has expanded his sculptural works to the creation of graffiti furniture.

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