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A Montreal native, Whatisadam (WIA) is one of the city’s best known urban artists. Infused with Canadian imagery, Whatisadam’s style is reminiscent of vintage comics and pop art. While North American wildlife and landscapes are common themes in his work, he often reimagines them to feature elements of urban culture, as seen in his cans of maple ‘sizzurp’, tattooed ducks, prostitute deer, and hockey hoodlums. In addition to his wheatpastes and stencils found throughout the city, Whatisadam has a diverse studio practice, including silkscreen prints, large-scale murals, installation work, as well as a proclivity towards using found objects as his canvas. In addition to Montreal, Whatisadam’s work has been found in the streets of New York, Paris, Toronto, Miami, and Mexico City.

Artworks by Whatisadam