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Jason Woodside

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Jason Woodside
Dynamic. That’s the word that comes up when you think of artist Jason Woodside. Born in Miami, Woodside came to New York before he had even turned 20 in the hopes of pursing a career making films. Instead, what some people might like to call fate intervened, and he returned to a passion for art. After dropping out of school, Woodside took to the streets of New York City, covering it in his signature mishmash of colors and patterns, a little piece of the Sunshine State to brighten Manhattan’s grayest days. There is an optimism in Woodside’s work, one that’s clear in the artist’s personal day-to-day ethos, and one that has attracted the attention of private collectors and corporations alike. It’s no small feat to bridge art and commerce without selling out. It takes a dynamo to walk that line and walk it well.

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