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Graham Yarrington

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Graham Yarrington
'Yarrington’s images are haunted by mysterious shadowy giants and animal spirits, who navigate a world ripe with religious symbolism: totems, sacred objects, and Celtic tree knots, wrapped around rainbow-colored geodes or stones. One of his recurring characters is one that he simply refers to as a “shadow”; a tall, somewhat see-through figure with glowing eyes that aimlessly wanders through groves of bare trees (“Forest Wraith”) and towers over cabins in the woods (“Curious Phantoms”). Yarrington relates this dark and curious creature to his own fears and bouts of depression, something that he admits to struggling with for most of his life: “According to [Carl] Jung, everyone has a dark side to their personality that can surface in various ways,” he says. “I like to think of that large ghostly figure in my work as a physical embodiment of this 'shadow aspect', brought to existence by so many peoples unwillingness to come to terms with the dark parts of themselves.” Adding, “The world is a gloomy place, and the belief that there is something more to it than meets the eye helps me get through the rough days.” - Hi-Fructose.

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