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Timothy Pittides

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Timothy Pittides
Tim was born in November of 1978, and it wasn't long after which his interest in art began to emerge. Tim received his first professional commission at the age of 17 for a local New York metal band.

Since then, Tim has done work for various musical acts, record companies, magazines and multi-level corporations.

Being a child of 1990's, Tim drew his artistic influences from the likes of Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Erik Larson, and Mark Bagley. As his focus became more mature and refined, influences came from all areas of the art world and it began to show in his personal work and soon Tim found something unique and distinct; something he calls "digital pointillism". Tim hand draws all his work, stippling each dot down on paper, including the color separations, and then scans them all in and changes the colors of each layer as he needs them. With every design, Tim gives his clients and customers something new and worthy of framing.

In 2015, Tim created "VICES". A series of film posters and art prints dedicated to the study of human error and missteps, each VICES print follows a pattern of 1920's -30's art deco design with a hint of macabre imagery and symbolism.

Tim has worked with Upper Deck Entertainment, Bottleneck Gallery, Grey Matter Art, alongside Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Studiocanal UK, Troma Entertainment, Morgan Creek Productions and more.

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