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WK Interact

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WK Interact
WK (aka WK Interact) was born in 1969, in Caen, France. He has lived and worked in New York since the early 1990s. WK is interested in the human body in motion, a fascination reflected in his paintings of figures frozen in a flight of movement. The artist’s unique process involves a technique of twisting an original drawing or photograph while it’s being photocopied, resulting in the monochromatic palette and streamlined moment-in-time appearance of his finished work. WK site-determines his placements by finding an appropriate location first, then his imagery is chosen specifically with a concern for encounters in an urban environment or “interactions” (as the artist indicates in his pseudonym). In the late 1990s his images began appearing on building facades in downtown Manhattan, complementing the constant stir of bodies and the perpetual motion of contemporary urban life in the fast-paced city.

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