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Anna Kincaide

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Anna Kincaide
“Unprecedented and massively invigorating.”

These words describe Anna Kincaide’s collection of stylized paintings that are dedicated to her love of design and couture fashion.

Her figurative replicas of faceless characters solicit a plethora of emotional responses as Kincaide’s work depicts experiences and emotions that are felt universally, regardless of who her viewers are.

From those who have found monetary success but still feel empty to others who are constantly surrounded by people, but carry a heavy sentiment of being absolutely alone in the world.

For instance, some of Kincaide’s paintings like “I’ve Given It All That I’ve Got” and “Waiting For Nothing” seem to offer a more dark depiction of society and the relationships formed with the people around us.

“What’s been interesting for me is the fact that many of my titles have become purposely more melancholy or provocative and leave the painting open for interpretation. It’s easy to look at a person and pass judgment without knowing his/her story. My paintings are representative of that in a way, such as a bright painting of a beautiful girl that’s given it all that she’s got or a handsome man who feels he’s waiting for nothing. People are a lot more complicated than a first glance will give you and I’m exploring this in my work. You may see a painting of a pretty girl in a dress but the title will suggest otherwise and then you may begin see the piece a little differently.”

I love that people are more than they appear to be and I want to elaborate on that idea as I continue to paint.

Artworks by Anna Kincaide