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Marco Clement, most known as Marko93 or DarkVapor, is a graffiti artist and a light painter from Seine Saint-Denis, in France. He developed his own aesthetic style inspired by the graffiti from New York. His "Calligraffiti” is the gathering of the graffiti with an Arabic influenced calligraphy, joined together in an abstract way, as a form of texture. He is passionate about animals and represents them perfectly with his graffiti style, as you can see in his lithograph.

In 2000, Marko93 gets interested into the light painting, a photographic practice which consists of moving a source of light in front of a camera. A practice that he will bring up to date by applying his calligraphic and graffiti expression. Since then, he has been travelling around the world in search of inspiration and to promote his “light calligraffiti”, such as in the Princess Palace in Abu Dhabi or in Mumbai for the Celebratation of Bandra Festival. No matter where he goes, Marko93 brings his light with him everywhere.

Artworks by Marko93