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Pure Evil

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Pure Evil
In 1990 artist Pure Evil left the Poll Tax Riots of London behind and went to live in California where he spent 10 years ingesting weapons grade psychedelics, thinking about stuff, making electronic music and printing t-shirts.

Inspired by skateboard culture and the west coast character graffiti of Twist, he returned to London and inexplicably picked up a spray can and started painting weird fanged vampire bunnies everywhere.

After having spent the past year working on new canvasses and prints inspired by 'the wreckage of utopian dreams and an apocalyptic vision of the end of time', Pure Evil launches his artistic vision of darkness on an unsuspecting world, trying to look at the big picture, asking the tricky questions like:

What does evil look like?

Why do humans seem to like conflict and explosions so much?

Are penguins naturally psychopathic and can they use nunchakus effectively?

Is earth actually a deep space battle station created millions of years ago by an evil galactic empire?

Pure Evil has a gallery in London’s Shoreditch and has exhibited widely across Europe.

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