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Wes 21

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Wes 21
Skillfully blending reality and fiction, humour and serious topics, nature and industry, WES21's art world is overwhelmingly creative and distinctive. The unique pictorial language of this Swiss-born artist never fails to leave a strong impression on the viewer. The artist has long made a name for himself beyond the national borders, with exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Moscow and a strong presence in the mural scene across the globe.

Never lacking imagination, WES has an ability to astonish the viewer with his motifs and the incredible precision in the execution of his works. Pairing harmonious compositions with this unique imagination, he creates hybrid and unreal creatures come alive and impossible constructs real, stirring the viewers’ soul and making them think. In this destructive and conflicting combination of nature and industry that depicts a dystopian future, the artist’s great sense of humor prevails. Designed with a rare combination of spray paint, acrylic, and oil, his work is full of ambiguities and opposite dimensions. Combining everyday imagery with fantasy elements, there is a certain intricacy to his work. Characterized by harmonious visual composition and color palette, his canvases are executed with almost scientific accuracy, showing his sharp-eyed observation and the environment analysis.

Born in Biel, Switzerland as Remo Lienhard, WES has started artistic endeavors in 2001 when he began to take an interest in painting. After graduating from College of Art & Design in Biel, the artist became a freelance illustrator and designer, engaging in such projects as large scale murals, canvases and 3D sculptures, adding an unpredictable side to what’s typically expected of street artists. He is part of SCHWARZMALER, a collective of outstanding street artists, and illustrators. Successfully capturing a moment, whether real or imaginary, his detailed works are unquestionably stunning in nature, taking us to an artistic world unlike no other. He is constantly working on developing his unique visual language wich separates his work from the rest

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