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kurznachzehn is a stencil artist who has imprinted her unique style on many facades in the streets of San Diego, California, her adopted home town since 2016. Originally from Germany, she has been passionate about visual art since early childhood. In 2011, nostalgic family photos from the 1950s inspired her technique and served as templates for her first stencil projects. Her street art is created from multiple layers of stencils that she first spray-paints onto a paper surface and then pastes onto the urban landscape. Since her arrival in San Diego, kurznachzehn has partnered with Visual, a North Park-based retail store for art supplies and an urban contemporary gallery that also has established itself as a central networking hub for local and regional artists. This vibrant, new environment has sharpened her artistic mind resulting in her experimentation with new techniques and images as well as exciting new visions for 2017.

Artworks by Kurznachzehn