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MJ Lindo

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MJ Lindo
Painting from her bay area home studio filled with cactus, ferns and philodendrons, MJ Lindo-Lawyer explores alternative universes and whimsical, dark fantastical worlds using different mediums. Being self-taught, it was tough for MJ to settle on a medium until she fell in love with oil paint and wooden canvases. Known for her use of creamy pastels and rich skin tones, MJ creates a world of whimsy in which a giantess woman can befriend a tiny bear cub or a group of miniature elephants’ campfire around a forest goddess for warmth. Since 2003, MJ has been telling versions of her life story and other women’s stories through her multi-cultural woman and their interactions with these alternative universes and unique furry friends. MJ Lindo-Lawyer lives and works in the Bay area with her husband and studio mates Greg (female kitten) and her 160 lb Neapolitan Mastiff Mellow.

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