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Szabolcs Bozó

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Szabolcs Bozó
Szabolcs Bozó (b.1992, Pécs, Hungary) is an artist based in London. Bozó is part of a generation of young artists who, because of nostalgia or as a way of dealing with contemporary traumas, seek the aesthetics of images made by, or for, children. Baby ducks, bears, dinosaurs and other unclassified creatures smile, wiggle and dance through the paintings.

To create these charming works, the artist rolls his canvases out on the floor, filling in the figures with loose strokes as if the surface were a giant coloring book. Instead of solid planes of pigment, he opts for a looser hand. In this way the green skin of an elephant becomes mottled, every inch of the painting an abstract game of chance and pattern.

Artworks by Szabolcs Bozó