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JPR Stitch

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JPR Stitch
I always feel at home at a sewing machine - creating art from stitch is my passion and expertise. Machine embroidery is my process – there is no plan, no pressure, I follow the process. I pick a coloured thread, sit at my sewing machine and sew, starting at one end of the fabric and gradually over hours of stitching move my way across. When I feel the time is right, I switch to another coloured thread and continue to sew, completely filling the fabric with stitch. The process is repetitive and extremely time consuming but soothing, relaxing and meditative.

The artworks have detail from the complex web of stitching, but there are organic patterns that emerge out of the change of coloured threads. Embracing what feels right is the process - the name JPR Stitch came out of me unconsciously signing the back of the artworks with my initials. Reoccurring patterns emerge in individual artworks and large-scale group ‘collections’ have developed from smaller one-off pieces.

This is where I am - I have no plan, I stitch and enjoy the results and the journey.

Artworks by JPR Stitch