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Shok 1

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Shok 1
British artist SHOK-1 spraypaints unique X-ray art on walls around the world. The works present a kind of diagnosis of life in the 21st century, sometimes in glowing health and other times pathological.

A cool blend of street and science, the paintings are enormously popular. New pieces regularly gain millions of views with print editions selling out rapidly.

Following on from the highly regarded X-Rainbow series, the new X-Pop series takes a look inside popular culture, visualising X-rays of major icons and characters. The works observe how culture becomes part of the anatomy of a person and conversely visualise culture as having an anatomy of it’s own.

Darkly beautiful and packed with subtle layers of delicate detail, X-rays are one of the most difficult subject matters a painter could attempt. SHOK-1 has pioneered cutting-edge freehand techniques, no tape or stencils are used to render the intricate translucent effects.

He was one of the first Europeans to co-opt the street cultures that exploded from the USA in the early 80's, laying down the foundations for what has become one of the most important art movements worldwide. He has continued to reinvent his work and take risks throughout a career currently spanning over 30 years.

SHOK-1 is based in London and holds a degree in Applied Chemistry.

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