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Ugo Rondinone

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Ugo Rondinone
Ugo Rondinone's installations employ a remarkably diverse group of media: he regularly draws on photography, video, painting, drawing, sculpture, and sound to create his meditative, reflective artworks. His installations can be alternately melancholic, characterised by longing and a sense of disconnection, or brimming with ebullient vibrancy, such as his beloved rainbow-coloured sign artworks with such life-affirming messages as "Hell, Yeah!" and "The Dog Days Are Over." His work covers a range of interests, from the psychedelic, to the spiritual or fantastic; he also has a fascination with archetypal forms and concepts. Often described as a visionary, Rondinone's artworks provide miniature escapes which allow viewers to return to reality with a refreshed and enriched perspective.
Ugo Rondinone was born in Brunnen, Switzerland in 1964. He lives and work in New York.

Artworks by Ugo Rondinone