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Fidia Flaschetti

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Fidia Flaschetti
At the age of 30, as if seized by a surge of influence from the street art of his youth, Fidia was lifted from a stable and successful career in graphic design, illustration and photography, to hijack the course of contemporary art; a move that would soon hold the world in suspense and anticipation.

Fidia’s voice mapped its way through a career in today’s corporate labyrinth of well-known brands and classical studies at Florence’s Accademia di Belle Arti, leaving an open door to ignite a profound dialogue with society about today – controversial issues, current events, and his own personal fears. Using iconic characters in “floodlights,” blending historic and pop-culture imagery, and planting poignant copy, Fidia’s work sheds light on the world around us with startling candor, igniting discourse while inspiring new forms of expression.

His curiosity with street art as a child has come full circle as Fidia is now widely celebrated as one of the most influential contemporary artists of today. The world over, Fidia’s work continues to impress and surprise in galleries, museums, foundations, schools, universities, and most importantly, on the streets.

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