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Sandra Chevrier

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Sandra Chevrier
Sandra Chevrier is a Canadian contemporary artist, as a self-taught artist Chevrier first expressed her emotions through pencil drawings. At first, her sketches were almost always of eyes and this initial passion is still present in her current work. The focus on the eyes is visible in Chevrier’s ‘Cage’s Series’ of works, in which she uses a combines the medium of painting and collage to create portraits of women.

In her portraits, Chevrier uses the contrasting mediums of paint and actual comic book cuttings to produce these intense mixed-media portraits, which express an underlying tragedy of female oppression.

Before the discovery of collage and mixed media, Chevrier used to have a hyper-realistic art style. Now, Chevrier’s work is an amalgam of fine and street art that is self-governed as well as supremely crafted, her hyper-realism still expressed through her portrayal of eyes.

Artworks by Sandra Chevrier