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Jim Darling

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Jim Darling
Darling grew up in the suburbs of Dallas where he spent his time at the creek making forts and exploring. More often than not, he found himself grounded. When he wasn't climbing out the window he was usually drawing As a junior in high school he took his first art class. As a senior he realized art school was an option.

Darling received his BFA in graphic design from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver. That is where he met his wife Tina, who he collaborates with often. Day to day Jim works as a creative director / designer in addition to the artwork and he is now a father of two.

Darling's gallery work ranges from intricate ink drawings, layered wood work with illustrative painted skins, to freestanding sculpture. Outside, Jim expands his tool set by including found objects and materials. His subject matter lives between play and real. Large issues are often looked at in simplistic terms and are usually juxtaposed by intense detail.

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