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Ryan Callanan

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Ryan Callanan
Combining the classic English pub sign with words and phrases which he believes encapsulate certain times or have lasting resonances, Ryan Callanan is an artist working in contemporary printmaking and graphics.

Having enjoyed considerable success under his alter ego RYCA, his work includes impressive creations inspired by Ryan Callanan’s career as a 3D sign writer with his work incorporating a wide use of materials including resin and glass. With his in-depth knowledge of materials and craftsmanship he is currently working on new projects with song lyrics alongside numerous public commissions.

Aspiring to make his work enjoyable and coherent for as many as possible, Ryan Callanan is rejuvenating the dying art of sign writing. Drawing on his own obsessions with music and film and combining this with his experience in sign-making results in the creation of his own distinctive twenty-first century pop art.

Artworks by Ryan Callanan