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South London born and bred, Remi has been breaking boundaries with the aid of a spray can and a paintbrush for almost 3 decades. Transcending the traditional and somewhat idealized vision of a graffiti writer as he is passionate and unforgiving in his creative progression. He moved from the streets to the galleries with his debut art show in 1989 and has since gone on to exhibit in London, Paris, Perth, Tokyo, Santander, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Berlin, Ibiza and more cities dotted around the globe. However, he still keeps his finger in the streets, taking part in New York’s Underbelly Project in 2010 and painting numerous murals around the world. As Arrested Motion wrote: “Remi is that rare breed of artist whose work you can equally enjoy in an outdoor setting and also in a gallery/home without it feeling awkward and out of context."

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