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Sat One

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Sat One
SatOne is self-employed artist in Munich, originally from Venezuela.

The skilled graphic designer discovered his interest in graffiti in early life, developed his very own style in an intensive way and found a formal vocabulary, that perpetrated a fascinating middle course between technocracy and the artwork of imaginary worlds. The gures seem futuristicabstract, still don ́t miss a certain clemency by having organic forms and faces.

The skilful mixture of graphic style and free elements brings suspense and opens up worlds, in which graphic design and abs- tract art melt into an inseparable unity. The technical precision makes us think of digital work - still it is impossible to determi- ne this work to one certain style - it is far too self-contained.

It is pictures in the "possible"-modus that SatOne often use as a language for his artwork. This conjunctive does not only stand for musing about potential motives, but also for a lissome itting between styles.

"Urbanism“ is not an art form as such but may be the most suitable concept for SatOne ́s work: anonymity of metropolises and diversity meet sentimentality, yearning for nature and lyciral elements. Allusions are fallbacks to experiences and memories - SatOne ́s work releases a pulse. Interpretive dominance is welcome, in this case even without ifs, buts and conjunctives.

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