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I regard the complex, lengthy process of stencil cutting as equally important as the final piece, and my methodology greatly informs my work. I am interested in juxtaposition of the industrial with the organic, playing with scale, the subtle subversion of reality and the creation of narrative within the inanimate. The interaction of the stenciled images with the substrates they are painted on is an important part of my work.

Using money as a backdrop is a prominent feature of my work; my interest stems from the view that world events and events in our own lives are often played out in front of the backdrop of money. Paper currency is loaded with meaning that morphs as it is positioned against various subject matter. Within my work I often regard money as representative of a sinister voyeur, an omnipresent force watching over it's subjects.

The Renaissance depiction of beauty was shrouded in religious and mythological meaning and is of great interest to me. This has become a recurring theme and inspiration in my work and I continue to explore shifting paradigms of beauty through the ages.

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