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Alvaro Naddeo

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Alvaro Naddeo
Alvaro Naddeo is a Brazilian artist who fuses the effortless fluidity of watercolours, with the graphic and unique composition of the world’s discarded treasures. He creates a strong, probing voice from the remnants of a consumerist society which is ‘both desirable and despicable’.

Casting the viewer into a thought-proving twilight between creation and decay, Alvaro’s works are a stark criticism of a society addicted to waste, built on social inequality; and founded by greed. His paintings capture the spirit of a nomadic artist with an uncompromising view of the world.

Originally from Sao Paulo where his artist father ignited a passion for visual creation, Naddeo has also lived in Tampa, New York City and currently resides in the city of Los Angeles. You experience a sense of this freedom as a viewer, with a varied scope of languages and cultures caught up in his complex colour palette: the result is humbling and cohesive. Being taken on a tour of some of the world’s biggest cities, via the back streets and dumping grounds, we not only find a grounding sense of obscure beauty in our litter, but an overriding sense of universal social responsibility.

Artworks by Alvaro Naddeo