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K.Olin Tribu

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K.Olin Tribu

In 2009, Matthieu, a passionate collector of Art Toys, and Yann, an artist in porcelain, decided to provide an alternative to the production of toys in vinyl and founded the K.Olin Tribu company. The figurines issued by K.Olin Tribu are made and decorated in Limoges, and therefore they benefit from the official label Porcelaine de Limoges, France. Bringing porcelain to the creative worlds of graphic designers, illustrators, toy designers and artists allows a new approach to decorative figurines, whether in limited editions or as unique pieces. Porcelain, symbol of luxury and refinement, attracts collectors of unique pieces more than ever. K.Olin Tribu approaches all new creations in the spirit of such unique pieces. Each piece is made with the utmost care to ensure flawless production. This quality-focused process covers the initial production of the plaster models through to final packaging.


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